July 08, 2020

beautiful sunset

The humidity was high today, too. And wind brew strongly. But in the afternoon the humidity dropped.
I had to work a bit late, so I started to walk at 6:20. I thought I could see a beautiful sunset near the river, so I went to the river bank. And there was a beautiful sunset!
On the riverbank, I was able to skip 100 times in a row! I could do double jump rope.

breakfast as usual

Lunch: Grilled sweetfish, Grilled shiitake mashroom and round eggplant, natto, eggplant and spinach miso soup

Dinner: fasulye silia dish



July 07, 2020

English conversation school

The humidity was high all day long. When I arrived at my office, I sweated a lot. To make the matter worse, I felt the aircondision was not working because the office fllor was too hot . There were only a few people arround my desk. On monday my company decided to have employees work from home 5 days a week. That was the reason there were only 2 person in my division.

After finishing my work, I went to an english conversation school. I studied the level of possibilities.

It's difinitly

It's almost difinitly

It's probably

I think

I bet to

It's might be

I'm not sure that it's might be

I have no idea

After school I walked only 2.5km but I sweat a lot, too.


Lunch;griiled salmon, light fried and carrot and okra stew, spinach with sesame sauce

Dinner; stewed lamb, green onions and paprika in tomato (cumin flavor).



July 04, 2020

Haiku & drink with firends

I went to a Haiku meeting. Due to the corona, I had to use a larger room than usual, and the membership fee was 1.5 times.

After the haiku party, I went to a yakitori restaurant with my friends. Yakitori was very delicious. And they realized that real-time conversations, rather than online, help relieve stress.


Lunch stired sausage, onion, carrot and egg, Banana

Dinner: Yakitori restaurant.


July 03, 2020


The temperature was not so high, but the humidity was high. I was wearing a mask all day long. It is said that people don't notice thirst when wearing a mask. Therefore, we may get dehydration because we do not drink water. I had a headache in the evening, which was exactly the hallmark of dehydration.
I went to a museum that has a special exhibition of kimonos. There were many beautiful kimonos. I learned embroidery and dyeing techniques.

Breakfast: same

Lunch: take out coconuts chicken curry

Dinner: Stier fried tomatos, beaf, basil and onion, Tofu



July 02, 2020


It was beautiful day. The wind was blowing comfortably. I felt it was as if beautiful May.

It was busy day and I worked many things. I worked a little overtime.  So I had to start for exercise after 18:30 o'clock. I walked 1.5 km and jogged over 5 km.


Lunch:Gorgonzora pasta

Dinner: Yakiniku with basil


July 01, 2020

Office Day

It was cloudy, in the evening the strong wind blew and it started to rain.

I took a train and went to the office  The train was clouded because it was July 1st. The number of people in my department was less than half. It was peaceful day.


Lunch: Cheeze sandowich, potato and carrot salad, boiled egg, fried sausage.

Dinner: Salmon with onions and carrots.




June 30, 2020

English conversation school

It was a nice day. And I booked an english conversation lessen in the evening. I went to english school by bycicle. When I was riding ton my bike, the wind was browing confortablely. The lesson was very fun. After the lesson, I went to the supermarket. I bought a lot because the cheese was 20% off.


Lunch Somen noodle

Dinner: Cheeze and bread


June 28, 2020

Art Musium

It rained in the morning,  but rain stopped after noon.

I played the cello and quarteted my music friends. One lives in USA and the other live in tokyo. We use an NEODUETTO app provided by YAMAHA. The maxmum delay time was 150 ms. Playing 120 on the metronome the delya time is equal to one 16th note. Hmmm

In the afternoon, I visited to musium displaying Timeless Conversations 2020. It was an exhibition combining classical works and contempolaly art. For example famous ukiyo-e in Holusai was lined with parody pictures drawn by Shiriagari kotobuki. The exhibision was so interesting that I stayed the musiumu for over 2 hour.  
After drinked tea and eat small cake, I walk to a big station. It took 30 minutes.

Breakfast; same as usual

Lunch; Egg and lettuce Sandwich




June 27, 2020


June 28

The humidity was high. 

In the evening I went shopping. I bought books,underware,socks, etc.

Breakfast; same as usual:

Lunch;Mentai, shiitake mushroom, carrot, onion fried rice

Dinner; Stirred fried bitter melon, pork and Shiitake mushroom. Bitter melon miso soup

June 29

I enjoyed unsembre with my friends. We played Mozart Quartet, Ravel quartet. It was difficult to play in time. Some times playing with we could play with easily.

In the afternoon I went to musium. The exhibision was so fantastic that i stay in the musium over 2 hour!

Breakfast; same as usual

Lunch; Minched cutlet sandowich

Dinner: grilled vegetable(pampkin, shiitake mushroom, bitter melon and potato), Scrambled egg with tofu.



June 26, 2020


”Ginko” is one of the event for haiku. For haiku inspiration, go to famous tourist destinations, shrines, temples, etc. and make haiku. I participated in the haiku association “Ginko” that I belong to and went to a famous garden. 

There were many beautiful water lilies in the pond. Unfortunately, the irises were overwhelming.

I found a snake by the pond and a heron on a branch. There was an old well called Kiyomasa's well. The sound of this water made me cool.

Lunch: seafood fries and salad.

a drink: 2 kinds of craft beer, pickles, cheeze and smoke pickles, garlic toast, sausage.


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