September 16, 2021


Yesterday I went to see an asthma doctor. The clinic was a bit crowded and I waited for more than 30 minutes. The doctor said my asthma was better than before.

Breakfast;Salad(lettuce, shimeji mushroom, komatsu-na, eggplant), toast with liver paste, apple, yogrut.

Lunch;rice, stir fried alternative meat,chopped potate and japanese ginger. 

Dinner: Take out rice cooked with bamboo shoots, deep-fried horse mackerel.

Today's menu

Breakfast: pancake with beans, okra and tomato salad, tea with soy milk, yogurt

Lunch:grilled barracuda, komatsuna and shimeji mushroom miso soup, rice

Dinner:grilled pork with ginger, grilled carrot and eggplant



September 08, 2021


Compost start.

How can I make good compost with easy composting. I'm looking forward to the next 3 months.



Recently I haven't got up early
When I was commuting to the office, I usually woke up at 5:30. But now I get up at 7 o'clock. I'm sure it's good for your health.

Breakfast: Salad (steamed eggplant, cucumber, tomato), yogurt, toasted cheese and basil, tea with soy milk

Lunch: Chopped Japanese ginger, basil, edamame, cheese penne

Supper: Grilled sea bream, cucumber and Japanese pepper, pumpkin and maitake miso soup.

Snacks; coconut cookies, watermelon sorbet.



September 01, 2021

in hospital

I had been in the hospital for 6 days because of the operation of urethral caruncle.
Before I was hospitalized, I heard that the operation was easy, so I was hospitalized for 3 days. So I had 3 days' worth of clothes and medicine.
Immediately after surgery, the doctor said that my caruncle was larger than normal and I needed to stay in the hospital longer.



August 22, 2021

This week was a terrible day.

Monday;I burned my finger. I had to chill for two hours.

When I poured hot water from an iron kettle into a teapot, the iron lid fell into the pot and the teapot broke.

Friday;I left my favorite shirt on the train. It does not come out.

Sunday;I got on the wrong bus and had to walk for 20 minutes during the hot day. I'm sweating.



Last year, I was motivated to cook. I was trying all kinds of dishes.

Since spring of this year, I feel like I've lost the will to cook. I don't know why.

That's why my cooking is cut short.


Breakfast; salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, pickled corinky), bread and cheddar cheese, watermelon and yogurt, tea

Lunch; instant curry and rice, pickles (kolinky)

Snack; Kakinotane, fu buns, zunda dango
Dinner; canned mackerel with lemon, pickles (corinky, onion, watermelon rind), bread


August 19, 2021

Progress of vaccination

Aug.18 18:25 vaccine

Aug.19  06:40 Little pain arround the point that gotten vaccine in the sholder



I received the first Pfizer vaccine. When I arrived at the vaccination site, I was the only one who came. The site was very large, with two doctors, many nurses and many staff. There were almost 50 chairs in the room.


August 15, 2021



I was finally able to hold a concert on August 15th. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we canceled two regular concerts and prepared for this concert from April. It was a long way. Many musicians have lost the opportunity to hold or perform in concerts in the last 18 months. I know many of my friends have canceled the concert.
The number of spectators is only 200 in the hall with a capacity of 1600. But they gave us a warm applause. Thank you very much.


August 09, 2021



Go to hospital and go to a art musium

Breakfast;eat out

Lunch;eat out(Musium cafe)

Dinner;grilled fish(greater amberjack ), rice.



Lunch; sea weed and rice

Dinner; pizza(take out)


Breakfast;toast, yogurt, salad(lettuce, tomato)

Lunch; Cheeze toast, tomato

Dinner;steamed rot with sake.



There are two typhoons near japan this weekend. And

Breakfast;Cheeze toast with avocado and bazil,Alad(broccoli, lettuce, cucumber)

Lunch;rice cookie, steamed sweet potato, zuccine, egg

Dinner; fried glass noodles, eggplant and onion, soured mix with glass 

snack; ice candy, rice cookie, steamed beans




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