September 25, 2020

Went to downtown

It was lightly rain today. I had to go to bank, I went to downtown.


Breakfast: bread, Tofu with yogurt, tomato, lettuce, broccoli and negi salad

Lunch: natto and egg rice, grilled pampukin,negi,shiitake mushroom.

Dinner: grilled pacific saury,Chiken stew with taro, carrot, burdock,lotus root and konnyaku.


September 24, 2020

Haiku ginko(going to famous sightseeing spots etc.)


A few days ago, a typhoon happened to appear. According to the weather forecast, there is a strong wind zone on the morning of September 24th. On September 24th, I was planning to go to a large park and the Museum of Contemporary Art for a haiku ginko. Two people have asked by phone if a haiku ginko would be held or not.

Fortunately, on September 24th, it was raining lightly and the wind was weak, so we were able to hold haiku ginko!

I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art and saw an experimental work.

Breakfast: Focatio with cheese and salad

Lunch: Hayashi rice with beef tendon

Dinner: potato salad, pickles, fried eggs, pizza, beer, sake


work day

It was cool and cloudy yesterday. After a 5 days vacation I worked from home. A lot of small jobs have been waiting for me!

So I couldn't go walking and I couldn't go to orthopedics.

Breakfast: tomato, lettace, broccoli and some piklus(red bell pepper, lotus, cucumber) salad, yogurt, tea, some grapes

some nuts

Lunch:boiled egg, yogurt, sesame and soybean flour dumplings

Dinner; egg plant and shishito pepper miso soup. Slovenian food (Pragen Kron Peel)




September 22, 2020

Climbed Mt Ohtake-san & Mt.Mitake

According to the weather forecast, the autumnal equinox day was expected to be sunny. So I climbed the mountain on the autumnal equinox day. This time I went climbing alone.

I got up at 4:30, left home before 6 o'clock, got on the train at 6:04, and left Mitake station at 8:05. A man was selling rice balls at the station. I bought a rice ball that looked delicious, but in the meantime I missed the first bus. However, the next bus came soon and I was able to get on and sit down. I got on the cable car and left the station at 8:36. I prepared for the hike and started walking at 8:47.

First of all, I climbed Mt. Mitake. There was Mitake Shrine at the top of Mt. Mitake.

Next, I went to Mt. Otake. The road to Mt. Otake was easy to walk. However, the road changed to a rocky place on the way. I regret having forgotten my gloves. There was a chain in the steep place,

I arrived at Mt. Otake earlier than planned.


Breakfast: tomato, lettuce, broccoli, lotus salad

Lunch: rice ball(green onion, tuna), instant soup

Supper: Bitter gourd and blue papaya champuru



Next, I went hiking on Mt. Otake. I was able to walk comfortably on the path to Mt. Otake. However, as we approached Mt. Otake, the road turned into a rocky area. I regret having forgotten my gloves. There were some chains that went through the steep roads.





It was raining and I stayed home almost all day.



It was cool.In the morning, I played with my friend through network. In the afternoon I went to orchestra reharsal.

Breakfast: focatio

Lunch: rice ball

Dinner: bread and cheeze



It was fine day. I went to natural musium in Ibaraki prifecture. The musium was very big and because nasional holiday it was very crowded. I waited more than 30 minutes to enter the museum, 30 minutes to see the special exhibition, and 40 minutes to enter the restaurant.  I should have brought my lunch!

Breakfast: salad, focatio(olive and cheeze), yogurt, tea

Lunch: curry and rice with fried chicken(fried clothes are very hard and tasty) and fried potatos. chocolate cake in the restaurant

Dinner: Beer, ahijo, sausages, etc. at a Spanish restaurant



September 14, 2020

Orchestra rehearsal

Sunday was an orchestra rehearsal. It was the first time for our orchestra with a violin soloist. The soloist remembered every note and every page of the score! The sound was beautiful and light. I'm sure the concert will be a success!


Breakfast: bagetto, salad, yogurt, egg and komatsuna, grape

Lunch: eat out oister and vegetable pasta

Dinner:Senegalese cuisine MAFÉ and rice(good!)



Went to musium


The weather forecast said it would rain tomorrow, so I went cycling. The humidity was high and the wind was warm during cycling. I felt very hot

In the afternoon, I went to the museum to see an exhibition in Asia and explored the Japanese garden. The exhibition in Asia was very interesting and I learned that the Greek mythology Heracles was excavated from the Middle East.

Breakfast: shishito, lettuce,tomato, broccoli and cucumber

Lunch: pasta with over in the refliater

Dinner: nuts, piclus



It began to rain around noon. I went to the Nori Museum. Omori is famous for making seaweed, and until 1935 he made seaweed. This seaweed museum introduces how to make seaweed and how to make seaweed tools.

Breakfast: lettuce,broccoli,tomato,selory and cucumber salad

Lunch: eat out tendon

DInner: fried tofu with ginger







September 10, 2020

Stay home day

The wind was cooler than yesterday. But I sweated a lot while I was working.

The finger I cut yesterday was left thumb and it was difficult to do everything not to use this finger.

My blood pressure is not low in spite of I take care of food and I exercise. And I found that bread was bad for blood pressure!

Breakfast: broccoli, okra, tomato, celery, cucumber, lettuce salad

Lunch: Stir-fried goya, pork and tofu, okra miso soup

Dinner; Frango (Sao Tome and Principe national dish), celery, shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom soup



September 09, 2020

Chongyang Festival

Sep. 8

It was autumn sky today. I walked after work and I found bery beautiful sunset cloud. I could see Mt. fuji.

Breakfast: broccoli, tomato, eggplant and lettuce salad

Lunch: natto soba noodle

Dinner: bread(cornbread and cheezebread),dried sardines, pickles


Sep. 9 Chongyang Festival

The sun was setting and dark when I started walking. As I walked, I was seeing lightning flashes everywhere.

It took me over an hour to walk 5.6 km. I bought coffee paper and dinner at the supermarket while I was timing.

I cut my finger a little this night. This is the second event this summer. I may be a little distracted. The wound was deeper than last month and the blood has not stopped yet.


Breakfast: dried sardines , Lettuce, broccoli, tomato, cucumber, lotus salad, carrot, shishito, eggplant miso soup, rice

Lunch; Spicy chickpea and pork stew, rice, boiled egg.

Dinner: Chirashi sushi, ginger, myoga and cold tofu




September 07, 2020

shower ? squall?


Today's weather was variable and sometimes it rained heavily. It was like squall. I couldn't see the chimney only 500m away from my house.

Breakfast: pikles(rotus, cucumber),broccori, lettuce and tomato

Lunch: shishitou, shimeji mushroom, pork and tomato pasta

Dinner; pizza and becon bread( bought)


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