November 26, 2022

the word of health

I feel dizzy
You look pale
I feel nauceous

Do you norcious
I threwed up last night

I'm having trouble in sleeping(,standing, breathing,concentrating,speeking)

He has concious.



October 11, 2022


My friend stayed at my house for 2 days, so I stopped  jogging in the morning for 2 days.

Oct. 7th 3.28km 00:28:29 it was raining

Oct. 8th 4.54km 00:33:16

Oct. 11th 4.64km 00:35:58


October 06, 2022

Third day running & Walking

Today is the third day of running and walking.

10/4 3.0km jogging

10/5 3.2km jogging

10/6 3.0km walking and jogging



August 28, 2022


Today I made a Lithuania dish called Zepeline. The recipe for Zepeline  is complicated
1. mush a potatoe

2. Grate the potatoes

3. mix 1 and 2 whith 3 tablespoons of potato  starch

4. mix minched meat ,chopped onion , salt and pepper and knead

5. divied 4 and 3 into 8

6. Wrap the meat in 3.

7. shape into a  rugby ball

8. boil for 20 minutes


August 02, 2022

time trial Aug.2


You still in pajamas?

Hurry up and change.

That shirt is rincle.

Just ware this one.

That too bad.

This one is better.

That looks good on you.

This fits more better.

Ok I'm off

I'm off to school


July 12, 2022

English conversation time trial

choir  pronunciation is kwa-ur

national anthem

Buckingham palase

from now on next time come earlier.



June 28, 2022

Hot Hot Hot!

The weather has some strange this year. It seems like the season is coming a half or a month earlier than usual. The temperature this morning was 28 degrees at 7am!

But it's not a all bad. The laundry is drying well. A week ago it was humid and hard to dry clothes.


April 16, 2022

Three good things

I felt the temperature of the kitchen was a little high in the morning. And I found I kept the pan on the weak fire! I hurried to
turn off the gas. It was a dangerous.

But today I had three good things.

1. I could visit lito-leaf exhibision. The cutting pictures on leaves were very delicate and beautiful, and I was impressed.

2.When I searched a present for my friend's birthday, I found a chocolate shop I was looking for before. I was glad to find it.

3.On the way to the birthday party restaurant, I found a pink moon floating above the red renga warehouse. There was also a moon on the luxury liner Asuka 2. It was a wonderful view.


April 15, 2022


Today was rainy, just like the third Friday of last month. I explained about the yamazakura. Unfortunately, this yamazakura had not yet bloomed when I explained it last month, but it had finished blooming today.




March 23, 2022

Oriental Paper bush

I climbed Mt. Oyama last sunday. There were many mistumata(oriental paper_bushes) were in bloom near the path. Seen from abave, they looked pretty cream yellow, but from the bottom they were all bright yellow.


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